Saturday, July 30, 2011

Only 2 more weeks to go!!!

Hola amigos!! Hope everybody is holding up in the mini heat wave you're having up there. Soooo....just what have I been up to, you ask?? Not too much....really...not too much at all. Thursday morning I decided I wanted to take a mental health day, so I stayed home from the lab. It was a nice, quiet day spent relaxing in an empty apartment. The evening was spent the same way...the room mates came home, the neighbors came over, and we relaxed. And then the rain started....yeah, it rained as usual during the afternoon, but then it started back up in the evening and rained all night long.

Friday morning, Kaza, Abby and I took an early morning walk down to Avenida Central to look for some soccer shoes, forgetting that Panama time is in effect so there weren't any stores open at 8:30 am! The rain had stopped at some point in the early morning hours. After our fruitless walk, I went with Kaza to the Tupper labs; she took over a project from another student and I helped her run the water samples. The project is testing the salinity of waters from different tropical regions, but she is also testing the amount of chloride ions that are in the water so I was able to run samples using a titration machine! Very cool stuff!

Being that it was Friday, soccer was in the air! But I begged off this time...I have been injuring myself quite a bit since I've been here and needed to give my body a rest. The afternoon weather was great: sunny skies, big, puffy clouds. But in about 3 hours....yeah, you guessed it: RAIN! And it rained for the rest of the night....

And here we are: Saturday afternoon....and it is still raining. it's 1:40pm (we are only one hour behind the east coast) and it's a downpour, with thunder and lightning thrown in. It's been raining since I woke up at 8:30...probably before that even. But I don't mind it....perfect excuse to curl up in bed with a book! Only thing that's missing is ice cream, TV, and 2 big baby boxers, one curled at the foot of the bed and the other underneath the bed.

Until next time...enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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