Monday, July 4, 2011

The weekend ends....and work begins...

Sunday turned out to be a pretty good day. After relaxing most of the morning and early afternoon, four of us decided to go to the movies. We did our research and decided to go to a mall in Panama City called the MultiPlaza. The movie theater, Cinepolis, offers a VIP movie watching experience...which we weren't ABLE to experience because all of the showings were sold out. So we had to settle for the regular old movie experience. We bought our tickets for 5:20 and had 2.5 hours to spare, so what else are 4 young women (yes, uhuh, I AM young!) going to do with that much time to kill in a mall??? SHOPPING!!!! So this mall was gigantic, and had all this expensive stores. I'm talking Hermes, Gucci,  Dolce & Gabana, Tiffany's, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Guess, Ferragamo, BCBG, Armani...all that! But, be proud of me...I only bought a pair of sandals...from Payless...yes...there was a Payless in the mall with all those other stores. O_O
So we ate lunch and I had chuletas and yucca...again...but I love it so much! And this time the homemade ice cream was brownie (it's a good thing we walk everywhere we go!) Then the movie: Transformers 3...yessssss!! I loved it! Best thing is, it was in English....with Spanish subtitles. So at least I can stay current with my movies.
By the time I got back to my place, I was exhausted, which seems to be the case every night. I read for a bit and then passed out on my bed.

Monday morning: Got to the lab super-duper early....7:30am. Most of the folks don't get here until about 10am. But Kaza and I went out to do another plankton tow, and got some really great specimen to observe under the microscope. So many different organisms! Kathryn and I walked to Punta Culebra to take some pictures, and then back to the lab. Kaza was ready to collect samples, so back to Punta Culebra we went! We collected data again...hiking all over the rocks (I can't wait to be able to post pictures!) I'll tell you one thing: I'm definitely getting my exercise!!!!
Back to the lab and lunch: but my pb&j got hard and ,y chips went soggy and stale.....I think I need to invest in baggies, or cook something that could be warmed up.
And now, here I am....blogging. Not too much else to do just waiting for the busito (shuttle) to take me back home. Tonight's festivities may involve some of the Americans here in the lab getting together to celebrate. And plus, my housemate made a cherry pie!!!! Until later, muchachos....


  1. These are fun to read. I hope that you keep at them.

  2. we are going to have so much to talk about this year with our summer adventures to share!

  3. I am loving that you are using your Spanish! By the time you get back you could probably teach a class. Maybe you could make us some "chuletas"? ¡Vamos a hablar! ;-))