Monday, July 25, 2011

Habana Panama!

Saturday was a pretty busy day....produce market in the mid afternoon....then home to shower and a taxi to Albrook Mall. The intent was to go grocery shopping and then come home. Well, that was my neighbors' intent...I already knew I wanted to do some shopping. Somehow, their intent changed once we actually got in the mall. So a few hours of shopping began! Of course, shopping makes you hungry, so we stopped for a late lunch and then mad our way to the grocery store and home. Relax for a couple hours and then.......this was the night I've been waiting for...a night of salsa dancing! I would say my shopping excursion was successfull....I found this amazing shirt there!

 The girls looked equally as lovely: Kathryn, Kaza, Sarah, Marianne, and Abby.

 Habana Panama....not what I expected at all! There was a LIVE salsa band playing...a HUGE dance floor....a balcony. It was lovely!! Most people came there with their significant others, would would have seemed awkward, but with all the girl power we came with, that didn't even matter.

It was such a great night...I danced until I sweated, rested, and then danced some more!! Unfortunately, I had to cut the night short to get ready for my early morning field trip the next day, so I made those 2 hours worth something!!

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