Monday, July 25, 2011

Don't ask me what this was....

Friday was a great day...I brought the dinner I didn't eat the night before with me for lunch, only to find out that we were going out for lunch that day! It was Rachel Collin's birthday! She is the scientist that wrote the grant that enabled me to be in Panama.

The dynamics here in this lab are great! It's like a cozy little family. Maricela (who is kind of like the lab manager...she knows EVERYTHING!) came in with the most delicious smelling flowers and a cute card, Matt provided the vase, and everyone chipped in for the cost. We all signed the card and then waited for Rachel to come in. She was pleasantly surprised.

Most of the lab decided to go down the causeway a bit further to a restaurant called Beirut....the food was awesome, but once again...I forget to take a picture of what I ordered (I mean, who really whips out the camera and takes a picture of their food??) but I did remember to get a picture of dessert....and hence the title of this entry. At first I thought it was some type of mash potatoes and gravy thing, but this was dessert! I tasted a bit of was a mixture of pudding and some type of flan, sweet and a bit chunky. That being said, it really wasn't to my liking. But I tried it!

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