Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Middle of the week...

So how was my 4th of July? No fireworks, but we had hamburgers, yucca fries, cherry pie and friends. I think I should introduce my friends to you: Kathryn, you've met. There's Kaza (I love her name!), Sarah, Matt, Maricel, Jessica, Franzie (I probably spelled that wrong), another Matt, and Abby. At some point you will hear me mention them in my adventures. They all work here at the labs. So, we spent a very relaxing evening at the Yacht Club: Kathryn, Kaza, Sarah, Matt, and myself. I still don't know what it is about the air down here, but I was exhausted by 8:30.

Yesterday was pretty interesting: we got to feed all the snails in the lab. Maricel showed us the set-up and concoctions used: brown and green algae. We had to transfer the algae from the huge bottles it was growing in, and she set up an algae slide and we had to count the amount of cells there were. I was cross-eyed after that. We then got to pour the solutions into over one hundred little plastic cups that had snails in them. Pictures soon (I hope). Oops....gotta run back soon.

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