Friday, July 8, 2011

Fossil adventures...

Yesterday was quite a day! We visited the geology lab and got to talk to quite a few geologists about the work they were doing. Pictures are in the next posts...this lasted until about noon and then I began my journey of 1,000 steps to get my computer looked at.
So I stopped 3 taxis and none of them would take me to San Francisco, which led me to believe that it was either too far, or too much hassle to get to. So I decided to go to a closer area, Albrook, to the mall there, even though I knew that the MacStore did not have a service center. Now, remember, this is the mall that is as big as an amusement park. So I walk for 10 minutes and find the Information Desk. In my limited Spanish (and I did very well, thank you very much) I asked for directions to the MacStore. Now, armed with a map and a general sense of where I needed to go, I was off to the Zona de Los Pinguinos (the Penguin Zone). Each section in the mall had an animal name. I find the MacStore (I felt like rewarding myself with some ice cream, but I held off), and the only useful thing they could tell me is that there is a service center in the MultiPlaza (remember, that's where I went to see Transformers 3?) Yessssss! So I'm off again!

Enter the MultiPlaza: infinitely much smaller than Albrook Mall, and easier to manage. Much more upscale (I think I've said that before) because instead of a paper map, there is an interactive touch screen map! I found the MacStore, clicked on it, and the map says "You are here" and "the MacStore is here" with a map of the mall and I could figure out where I needed to go.

Enter the MacStore: Alberto was extremely helpful, spoke English (thank goodness, because my limited vocab wouldn't permit me to explain the problem), and told me the 2 possible issues are covered under my warranty! So i signed some forms, turned over my computer, and went on my merry way.

Lunch! Wendy's, Haagen-Daz, and a book (I told you I was happy, didn't I??)

I even ventured outside of the mall for a muggy, 20 minute walk past a hospital. I almost ran back to the MultiPlaza...too humid for a leisurely stroll.

Made my way home and passed out for about 5 hours. Woke up, changed clothes, and night-night!

Pretty eventful day....and here are the pictures.

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