Friday, July 1, 2011

How my day starts...

Well, the night passed uneventfully. After taking a 6 hour nap, I woke at about 12:30am and started unpacking. Not really done yet, but the night's sleep was wonderful. Very dark, very quiet. 6am wake up time...which is really 7am at home, so that's just perfect for me! It was a weird feeling knowing that I had no dogs to take care of this morning (I miss them). Quick breakfast and off to catch the shuttle to the lab.....and now just waiting. Not to much to do...I read the grant proposal for the research that Dr. Collin is doing (oy vey! I have a headache now!) Felt like I was back in college...
Waiting for Kathryn to get here (she's the other teacher that came with me), but her ride doesn't usually get here until 10ish (so lucky!) so I'm just writing until there is something to do. Can I eat Oreos at 8:36am?? Sighhh....I have to go back to the grocery store and get ziploc bags so I can bring my lunch, or snacks, or something....we all know I like to eat!
It rained this morning...pretty hard, but the sun is shining now. It's the wet season down here and will rain pretty much every day. Interesting fact: most of the schools here go from March-December; their "summer" break is Jan-Feb. But there are some schools that follow our schedule of August-June.

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  1. OK...6 hours is not a nap. That is a night's sleep!