Monday, July 18, 2011

Panamanian memories...

I had to post this for my Panamanian family...specifically the Drakes clan. Do y'all remember this lam in Grandma's house??? We all used to get in trouble because we ran the thing non-stop and then played with the oil as it dripped down! Explanation: the statue in the center is of 2 people dancing. The wires come down around them. When you turn on the lamp, the oil heats up and then slides down the wire, giving the illusion that they are "dancing in the rain". Neat, huh?
Now this was a staple in my Grandma's house: Menticol. This was the catch-all for most ailments: bug bites? Rub some Menticol on it! Rash? Menticol! Fever? Menticol will cool you down real fast! I found this in one of the grocery stores down here....


  1. Oh, I remember grandmas lamp like that!!! I still have some menticol!!! LOVE IT!!