Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Middle of the week, pt 2...

Sorry about the abrupt departure....had to go to some work. I'll explain more later. So, back to yesterday's antics...after feeding all of the snails, we were able to go back to Punta Culebra to collect more data, this time with the originator of the project, Abby. We got through Site A just fine, but the it started to rain and was too slippery to go to Site B, which has a rougher terrain, so Kathryn and I headed back. On the way back we saw a sloth in the trees! We saw this same guy on our first day here, but this time he was moving around for us, even hanging upside down and peering intently at us. I shall name him "Paco".

Back to the lab for lunch, and then the drowsy, faux siesta time that happens for me after lunch. Rachel Collin (who is the scientist we are working under) gave us a ride back to Tupper for the Tuesday seminar. This week's seminar was: "Anuran courtships: what can a fixed signal tell us about multimodal communication?" given by  Ryan Taylor of Salisbury University (yup...the one in MD!) So if you don't know, anurans are frogs and do you really want me to go into everything that was said? Nope...didn't think so. But, really, it was very interesting and he was an engaging speaker. Funny, and explained everything in layman's terms. I'm quite sure that he is an exception to the norm. O_O.

Rachel introduced us to quite a few other scientists and I don't remember names, but I do remember fields: so we met the water guy, monkey lady, bat lady, and fossil dude. That pretty much sums it up. We are going with the fossil dude tomorrow and Friday, with the monkey lady Monday-Wednesday, meeting with other teacher researchers on next Thursday and going to Galeta on next Friday. Whew! Busy week!

So, this morning we went out on a boat in the harbor so Kaza could do her plankton tows. It was great!! Our captain was one of the boat captains from Survivor: Panama and offered to take us to Pearl Islands at  a discount....hmmmm....something to consider!! The tows were very successful, and now I'm back at the lab again....waiting... but we have WiFi here, so I'm going to try and figure out if I can post my pictures on here.

Oh, by the way...I finally contacted my family here in Panama. Talked to Cousin Ricky and immediately felt at ease....he sounds just like my Tio Tricky!! lol...and he's funny too. So I will be seeing my Panama family this  weekend.

Ciao for now! (That rhymed...) :-D

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