Monday, August 1, 2011

A day of fun...and the sun

Just a quick check-in....

Yesterday was a great day....we all went to la Limpieza de la Playa en Punta Galeta. (the Beach Cleaning at Galeta Point....yea, sounds more exotic in Spanish, heh?) This is a monthly event that draws local students to the beach to clean it up and also builds awareness of the environment. There were over 300 people there!

All of the STRI(Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute) folks gathered at Tupper at 8:30 for the bus. We stopped in Gamboa to pick up a few people and made it to Punta Galeta by 10:30. We grabbed our trashbags and began the trek to the beach. It was really quite beautiful once we got there...and actually not as bad as I thought it would be, trashwise). Mannnn...the sun was HOT! This was one of those picture perfect Caribbean days: sunny and hot with big fluffy clouds against a seemingly endless blue sky(don't worry, pictures coming soon). We walked up and down the beach, collecting as much trash as we could see.

12:30 comes, and it is time to quit working. We helped gather the huge trash bags and throw them into the back of a truck and off we went back to our starting point and lunch. Yummmm....arroz con pollo. And plenty of water. Here is where the relaxing part of the day began. Lounging around with friends and swimming in the ocean....perfect! Welllllll....I watched everyone else swim in the ocean...I sat on the dock and put my feet in, but did you know that there are living things in the ocean and that it is full of salt?!?!?! Lol....therefore, I do not SWIM in the ocean...I casually get my feet wet. :-D

I came back from the day terrifically (is that a word?) tanned and surprisingly sun-tired....all in all, it was a great day.

Tonight we are trying to make our way to Bocas del Toro by leaves at 8pm...about 1 hour and 45 minutes from now. Kathryn has gone to try and get tickets for us, and I really hope we get to go tonight because I already bought plane tickets to come back on know, backwards....but hey...we shall get there!!!

Ok...I'm off!

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