Friday, August 12, 2011

And the adventures continue....

So we get back from Bocas, shower, change, and then I head back out with the girls for Rebecca's birthday. Rebecca works in the lab with us. We were a pub called La Rana Dorada (The Golden Frog). Great food, awesome drinks, and good times!

Friday was a chill day and Saturday was supposed to be much of the same...I had plans of washing clothes, picking up my laptop and doing a little shopping. But the girls had other things in mind...ROAD TRIP!!! We decided to strike out and find our way to La Isla Grande. This was all trial and error...we really had no clue how long it would take to get there...but 2 buses, a water taxi and 4 hours later...we were there! Words can't describe the gorgeousness...the beauty and tranquilty...the FOOD!! lol But here is the pictures.

 Hojaldras, huevos fritos, y cafe con leche...a typical Panamanian breakfast.

 My homage to mi Tia....even though it's not spelled correctly.

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