Friday, August 12, 2011

And so we make our way home from Bocas....

 And then it was time to soon! I had no intentions on another 9 hour bus ride home, so we decided to book a flight on AirPanama earlier in the week. The airport was right on the island, so convenient, right? So we get to the airport.......
Ummmm....can you see it? All the construction that was going on...half of the place had no walls and the sunlight was just streaming through the sheetrock. Yeeesh! Did I really want to get on this plane??

 The itty bitty plane...we had to walk out to it....and watch your head getting in and turn to the side to walk down the aisle. But get this....we are the last 2 on the plane...and there aren't anymore seats!! Ohhhhh hecks no...I paid for these seats in advance, somebody was gonna have to get up! So I got my seat (it was in the front, but I was facing the entire cabin) but now we had to find a seat for Kathryn. Lucky duck...she got to sit in the cockpit in the emergency seat.....woww!

So off we go....and the view was perfecto!

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